Blackjack Variations

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games with multiple variations in different parts of the world. Online casinos offer a fantastic selection of blackjack games including variations in which a player can have multiple hands, multi-player games which allow you to interact with other players and progressive blackjack games that offer fantastic payouts.

Here are some of the more popular blackjack variations available in casinos. Most online casinos have an extensive help section that explain the difference between the games along with the rules and this list here is a bird-eye view of the basic differences in the game.

Pontoon: Popular in the UK, a pontoon is an ace and a ten or picture card. Another term used in this game is the Five Card Trick which is when the player ends up picking five cards without going bust. In this variation, there is no option for Insurance and both of the dealer’s cards are face down. The player cannot stand until they have a hand of at least 15 and can draw as many cards as they like if they have opted for the Double.

Blackjack Switch: This version is very similar to classic Blackjack with a few differences. For starters, the dealer hits a soft 17 and the player can switch the second card from each of their hands to form a new hand. Players must play 2 hands both with equal bets and if the dealer’s cards add up to 22 he can push against any player hand unless it’s a blackjack.

Double Exposure Blackjack: In this game the player is only allowed to split their card once if they get two cards of the same value. Another crucial difference is that all ties are in favour of the dealer with the exception of a natural blackjack. Additionally, the dealer’s first two cards are face up in this version of blackjack.

Vegas Strip Blackjack: This game is played with four decks of cards and the dealer has to stand if he gets a total of 17. The Ace can only be split once and should that happen, it can be used to make any combination but a natural blackjack.

Spanish 21 Blackjack: In Spanish 21 Blackjack, player can double, split or re-split the ace unlike the Vegas Strip version. Also, if a player gets a blackjack with 2 cards, he beats the dealer’s blackjack and the dealer must hit a soft 17. The player can surrender their cards at any time before going bust. In this version of blackjack the payout for a five card 21 is 3 – 2, a six card 21 is worth 2 -1, seven cards 21 has a 3-1 payout.

Blackjack Surrender: This is a variation of Vegas Strip Blackjack in which the player can opt to Double even after a card has been split and the dealer does not draw when the player is “bust”. Blackjack Surrender is played with a deck that is shuffled after every round.

21 Duel Blackjack: In this version of Blackjack is played with All hands with a total of 21 are equal with ace and ten having the same value of a three-card 21. The game is played with six decks and used cards are returned to the deck and shuffled after each round.

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