Blackjack Odds

Becoming an master blackjack player entails an understanding of the strategy as well getting to grips with the odds. A through knowledge of how the house obtains its edge and helps the casino to win is crucial for the player.

It is important to understand not just your own odds but also that of the dealer as well as work out what your chances are of hitting a blackjack.

On an average, a player will win 44% of the time while the dealer wins 48% of the time and 8% of the hands will end up in a tie. At first glance this appears to be a lose-lose situation for the player as they would always lose more than they would win.

However, factors like doubling up and splitting increase the chances of a payout and don’t forget, the payout on blackjack is 3 to 2. This makes it possible to change the odds of winning and reducing the house’s advantage.

A player who has a firm grasp of gaming odds knows when to hit, stand, split or surrender.

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